OverBlog: the unique place to gather your best content

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OverBlog: the unique place to gather your best content

What is OverBlog Social Hub ?

It is a way to gather your social network updates in one place: your blog.

What social networks can I connect to my OverBlog blog ?

OverBlog enables to connect your blog with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Google + and Youtube accounts.

Why shall I use this service ?

There are several opinions. Connecting your site to social medias may help to build an audience, to keep your blog fresh and always updated, to display your digital identity, to keep up with your latest social media updates, etc. Creating your own place on the internet has never been so easy ! Also, OverBlog social hub enables to search for an old Tweet, Facebook post, etc. in a couple of clicks.

Any feedback ?

Yes, of course. OverBlog is made for you. Anything created or upgraded is based on your feedback.
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