Generate revenue with your Overblog !


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You probably don't know me yet, my name is Philippe. I am revenue manager at OverBlog.

I'm glad to launch the new and great OverBlog feature today: Royalty Partnership Program.

Generate revenue with your Overblog !

What is Royalty Partnership Program ?

This partnership enables you to generate revenue with your blog, as the author. OverBlog is the only platform in the world offering this solution to monetize your blog traffic, whatever your country or activity is.

How does it work ?

In order to offer you the best in terms of advertisers and monetizing your blog traffic, Overblog aims to find the more profitable opportunities for you blog. You will be paid as the author of your blog.

  • Activate your partnership from your Admin > Manage > Earnings and follow the instructions.
  • You generate revenue from the first day. You can check daily the summary of what you have earned so far in your Admin.
  • Request payment from your Admin and receive funds within 30 days through Paypal.
Generate revenue with your Overblog !

Who can earn money ?

This partnership is available to any blog older than 30 days.

Activate your Royalty Partnership Program now and start to generate revenue thanks to your blog today.

This is the best advice I can provide !

Generate revenue with your Overblog !


Revenue Manager