Interview of Tom Pride from Pride's Purge blog

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Interview of Tom Pride from Pride's Purge blog

Tom Pride from Pride's Purge has switched to OverBlog.

Tom describes his blog as an irreverent look at UK politics.
As a satirist, Tom is anonymous. He takes the character of an important figure in UK politics: Thomas Pride.

Tom agreed to share this interview with you:

OverBlog offers a good advice and support network for bloggers.

Tom Pride

"An irreverent look at UK politics". This is how you define your blog. Can you please let us know more about Pride's Purge?

Pride's Purge is a satirical look at UK politics. Blogposts are split into two kinds - political satire which looks like it could be real - and real political events which are so unbelievable they look like satire. I try to make politics entertaining - while keeping a good eye on what is really happening.

When did you start blogging? What motivated you to do it?

I only started Pride's Purge two years ago. In that time it has become one of the most popular political blogs in the UK. My motivation was to highlight the ridiculous things politicians say and do.

As an influential blogger, where do you find inspiration for your daily blogposts ?

I get a lot of my inspiration from reading the daily headlines in the mainstream press but also from interesting information my followers on social media such as Twitter and Facebook send me.
Pride's Purge is unashamedly aimed at intelligent and aware readers - those who are able to easily tell the difference between satire, truth and the political spin used by politicians and establishment figures to mask hidden agendas. The blog's readers must also have a good - and perhaps slightly warped - sense of humour and I find it refreshing to know that I'm not alone in that! That's my real inspiration. To know I'm not alone in my thoughts and opinions.

Today, do you classify yourself as a journalist or simply as a blogger ?

I'm definitely not a journalist. Journalists should be unbiased (although obviously often they're not). But I'm openly biased - mainly against those people in positions of power and influence who seek to manipulate the press for their own ends.

Until recently, you were using another blog platform. What convinced you to switch to OverBlog ?

OverBlog offers a good advice and support network for bloggers - and it has an international reach other blogging platforms would find hard to match.

As a respectable and well-know blogger, you must be quite busy. How do you feel about the OverBlog's personal and technical support?

Very good. I'm still new to OverBlog but so far I've had useful personal help and support if I've had any technical queries or I've needed help with something new.

What are your future plans for Pride's Purge blog ?

In just two years the blog has gone from nothing to thousands of readers daily. I hope it will continue to grow at the same rate. I also aim to stay independent, informative and entertaining.

Interview of Tom Pride from Pride's Purge blog

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