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  • Syncing your social networks on your OverBlog

    01 August 2013 ( #overblog )

    One of the advantage about blogging with OverBlog is the Social Hub. It actually aggregates your social network updates in one place: your blog. Why ? Firstly, this is a good way to keep up with your social updates. Then, it gathers all your social identity...

  • OverBlog Reader

    31 July 2013 ( #overblog )

    OverBlog (Europe's leading blog platform, with million users) launched the Reader. You can follow lots of great and interesting blogs and therefore attract and gain more followers yourself. The Reader feature offers a proper timeline in your admin: Alternatively,...

  • The new OverBlog iPhone app

    30 July 2013 ( #overblog )

    OverBlog launched the new OverBlog iPhone app ! In this version 2.0, OverBlog has redesigned and rebuilt the app. In a nutshell, the new OverBlog app is more powerful, easier to use, reliable and faster. The previous version was already great but the...

  • OverBlog: the unique place to gather your best content

    16 October 2013 ( #overblog )

    What is OverBlog Social Hub ? It is a way to gather your social network updates in one place: your blog. What social networks can I connect to my OverBlog blog ? OverBlog enables to connect your blog with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr,...

  • £250,000 burger to be served in London!

    31 July 2013 ( #random )

    A £250,000 burger in London coming soon ! No, this burger isn't made with luxurious food. It's made from FAKE beef ! After several years, here is the first "in-vitro" burger. Thousands pounds and six weeks were needed to cook it (not sure "cook" is the...

  • #Accent Challenge

    01 August 2013 ( #random )

    So good !

  • Futur king is born #RoyalBaby

    23 July 2013 ( #random )

    Not everyone is pleased with the Guardian's decision to live blog the wait for the royal baby. Not even everyone at the Guardian. I asked Graham Smith of Republic, the pressure group campaigning for

  • Video: iPhone 5s

    13 September 2013 ( #random )

    People are so... funny ! or perhaps I'm better saying they're MAD ain't I ? Anyway, gotta watch this video...

  • In one second on the Internet there are...

    26 August 2013 ( #random )

    A visual display of the data being uploaded every second. 10 years ago Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Instagram didn't exist. 20 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn't even around yet, and you had...

  • Mon amour, après tant de semaines et de mois de...

    03 September 2013

    Mon amour, après tant de semaines et de mois de préparation le 31 août est passé. Je n'aurai jamais pensé un jour vivre une telle journée et soirée. Je crois que je n'ai pas pu cacher ma sincérité et mon amour avec toutes les larmes que j'ai versé......

  • London #quote

    30 August 2013 ( #random )

  • Haunting Photos Of The London Fog

    27 August 2013 ( #random )

    London was covered in "fog" at the beginning of the 20th Century, culminating in the Great Smog in 1952. ..

  • Quote of the day

    05 August 2013 ( #quote )

    What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers.

  • Quote of the day

    02 August 2013 ( #quote )

    There is no great genius without some touch of madness.

  • Quote of the day

    01 August 2013 ( #quote )

    Everyone smiles in the same language.

  • Quote of the day

    31 July 2013 ( #quote )

    The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

  • #Quote of the day

    14 August 2013 ( #quote )

    To create more positive results in your life, replace "if only" with "next time".

  • Quote of the day

    08 August 2013 ( #quote )

    Few people have the imagination for reality.

  • Quote of the day

    07 August 2013 ( #quote )

    If you wouldn't write it and sign it, don't say it.

  • Quote of the day

    06 August 2013 ( #quote )

    A signature always reveals a man's character - and sometimes even his name.

  • Quote of the day

    29 July 2013 ( #quote )

    Family means putting your arms around each other and being there.

  • Hubby's cooking today :)

    25 August 2013

  • Notre #EnterrementDeVieDeGarcon sur Papa &...

    19 August 2013 ( #EnterrementDeVieDeGarcon, #LGBT, #Union, #Gay )

    Notre #EnterrementDeVieDeGarcon sur Papa & Daddy #LGBT #Union #Gay Matthieu (@smith_me0ut) August 19, 2013 Avant toute union, une étape obligatoire... L'enterrement de vie de garçon ! Petite entorse à la règle, nous l'avons célébré...

  • Ouvert aux suggestions pour le prochain article de...

    19 August 2013 ( #homoparentalités, #gay, #famille, #blog )

    Ouvert aux suggestions pour le prochain article de #homoparentalités #gay #famille #blog Matthieu (@smith_me0ut) August 19, 2013 Papa & Daddy - La vie de famille de Matthieu, Mr. P & Little A. :-)

  • Après mon expérience samedi soir, je tiens à...

    19 August 2013

    Après mon expérience samedi soir, je tiens à m'excuser auprès des nanas que j'ai pu faire chier avec 1) les soutifs (ça grate trop au dos) 2) les collants (ca tient trop chaud) 3) les cheveux (ça tient chaud, ça gratte & c'est relou pour manger). Fier...

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